VinylTile and. Ceramic Tile: Major Differences

Vinyl tile isessentiallythe samematerial as isemployed for flooring made of sheet vinyl. It is avery thin, manmade productconstructed fromPVC plasticwiththe backing of fiberglass or feltlayer, which is covered witha printed design layer andclearwear layer.For tileflooring, the vinyl is simplycut into squares , which rangefrom 9 to18 incheswide.Some types of vinyl tile which are known ascomposite tiles are made up of a bitofpulverized stone dust duringtheir productionprocess.This adds a bit ofrealistic appearance than the plastic-only vinyl tiles.

Another kindof vinyl tile isluxurious vinyl it is a much more durabletype of vinyl flooring thatjoins together with click-lockedges, rather than being bondedwith troweled-on mortar.It is availableintile or plankshape. The tilesaregenerally referred asLVTand are also called luxury vinyl tiles.They’re a bit highervalue than regularvinyl tiles. They also tend to bemoreexpensive.

Ceramic tile ismade fromnatural earth clays mingledwith other materials, glazedwith a surface coatingbefore being baked in ovensto make them harder. Porcelainis the most specialized typeof ceramic tile; porcelaintiles aremade fromceramics that are finer andheated to higher temperature, makingthem stronger and more durable.

Ceramictile can be usedother on floors, orforcountertops, wallsor showers. However, vinyltiles areprimarily usedfor flooring purposes.


Vinyl Tile

Vinyl floor tile isoften designed to look likeceramictile, the mimicrycan be difficult to convince;nearly everyone can discernthedifference between a tiled floorand aceramic or stonetile floor.However, vinyl floor tileis available in an enormousrange of colors and styles. From apure aesthetic perspective you’ll haveevery possibility youwant.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tilecan also be foundinan arrayofcolors and styles,though you will pay quitemuch for thesophisticated designs of tiles. Ceramic tilehas a lotofglamour as a flooring product.Porcelain tiles, in particular can be found in a range ofattractive options for a stylishflooring material.

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Best for Appearance: Ceramic Tile

Few people would disputethat ceramic tileis theedge when it comes toappearance. Vinyl tile,after all usually aims to imitateceramic tileand itcan be easily recognizedas an imitation.

Water and Heat Resistance

Ceramic tiles and vinylhave the sameresistance to water, becausethey are both completely waterproof.However, both havejoints between tiles which increasethechance of moisture gettingthrough the underlayment andsubfloor.

Vinyl Click Tiles

It is a totally syntheticmanufactured material, vinyl tile is entirelyinvulnerable to water damagehowever, the numerous seams betweentilescould allow waterpenetrate betweentiles.Therefore, vinyl tile isnotquite as impervioustomoistureassheet vinyl. Vinylis susceptible to being damagedthrough intense heat thatcan cause it to melt and burn.Additionally, vinyl may releasepoisonous gases if ignitedon a flame in your home. 1

Luxury vinyl tiles or planksare a bit moreproblematic in terms ofmoisture penetration sincethey do not fitin the same way as they dowith standardvinyl tiles.However, the vinylisperfectly waterproof, andproblems are not likely providedthat spills and puddles will becleaned up.

Ceramic Tile

In terms of a material, ceramictile is alsoimpervioustowards water damage. Theflooring’s surface offers goodresistance towater’s penetrationwhen the grout seamswell maintained are kept sealed. Ceramic tile isalso completelyimmune to heat damage.

Best for Water and Heat Resistance: Ceramic Tile

Bothmaterials have a strong inherentprotection against water-damagebuttheyalso have seams that canallow moisture to penetrateintothe subfloor.However, ceramictile isalmost indestructible toheat,whereasvinyl tileis easilydamageddue to heat.

Care and Cleaning

Bothvinyl tiles and ceramictiles areextremely easyto clean.Regularly sweeping along with regular dampmoppingwithmild soap isenough to take care oftheflooring materials.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isone ofthemost simpleflooring materials tokeepfresh.

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Ceramic Tile

When using ceramic tiles,grout linescan be dingyif the seal coat ispermitted to degrade.In this case it is recommended to clean the grout thoroughly usinga grout cleaner containing bleachisessential.

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Best for Care and Cleaning: Vinyl Tile

Because it has nogrout linesto trap stainsor mildew, vinyl tile is themost durable flooring material that is easy to keeptidy.

Durability and Maintenance

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilecan be expected to last atime-frame of about 10yearsunder normal usage. Vinyl is a pliablematerial that is a bit softand prone to gouges andscratches, howeverreplacinga damaged tileisn’t a problem. It’spretty simpletoheat the tile to breakthe adhesive,pullthe tile away, thenscrape it clean,andglue down a brand newtile.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is amore durable tile, andtime spans of 40 tomore are common.The tiles that have been damaged can be removedand replaced.Grout lines on ceramic tilemust be resealed every fewyears, and cleaned shouldtheybegin to get stained or dirtywithmildew.

Best for Durability and Maintenance: Ceramic Tile

Tiles made of ceramic are averytough material with exceptional durability.


Vinyl Tile

Traditionally, vinyltiles areused as a glue-down jointusing flooring mastictroweled over the floor, andthe tiles arepressed downinto position in individual.But now, self-adhesive tiles dominatethe market.With thesetiles, the adhesiveis applied at the factory and then covered bya protective sheet that’sremoved when it’s readytoset the tiles. Vinyl tile isone ofthefavorite flooring materialsfor DIYers, thanksbecause of its easy installation.

A variety of different luxury vinyltiles and planks may be usedfor”floating” floors, inwhich the individual pieces are joinedtogether by using a snap-lock devicethat holds the plankstilestogether alongthe edges.The installation method resembles thatused with laminate flooringand is very simpleforthose who are DIY-ers.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelaintiles areput in place using a thin-set bonding adhesivethat is used to gluethe tiles onto an underlaymentof cement board.Partial tiles can be cutwith a manual instrument thatmakes a cut and snaps tiles, or with a powerwet saw.Once the glue is drythe joints between tiles are filled withmortar-basedgroutthatis sealed when it has driedcompletely.Ceramic tile installation can belabor-intensive,manyDIYershave succeeded in this task.But, it’s moreusual for ceramic tileto be installedbyexperts.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile isa veryeasyflooring materialfor DIYers toinstall.Ceramic tile installation is fairlylabor-intensive, but it’scertain that DIYers caninstall it.


Vinyl Tile

In general, Renovation  it ismore affordable than other typesof flooring.Self-adhesive vinyl tiles found atbig-box home improvement centers generallyhave an average of$1.50or $3 for a squarefoot,and installation by a professional usually costsaround $3 per square foot. Vinyl tile, however,is quite easy to installby yourself.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictile typically costs about$5 per squarefoot , for materialsfor the sole material, and ranges from a coststarting at $1.22 for plain whitetiles andmore than $20 per square foot forceramic tiles with a design.Professional installation can add between$4to$15 per square footbasedon the cost of labor inyourarea as well as the complexityof thejob requires.

Best for Installation: Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tileis the idealflooringfor DIYers, whileinstalling ceramic tile takesa considerable amount of work.


Vinyl Tile

Vinylfloor tiles are typicallysuitable for replacement after about10 years, although longertime spans are feasible in light-usecircumstances.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramictiles can last fordecades, with a lifespan of40or more yearsfrequent.

Best for LIfespan: Ceramic Tile

There’s no doubt about it: Ceramic tile is asignificantly more durable and longer-lastingflooring material.

Environmental Considerations

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooringcontains many toxicchemicals.Although these chemicals are safein their manufactured form,these chemicals do not safelydissolve in landfillsand have the potentialfor release of toxic gases whenthe materials are burnt. 1 Environmentally conscious homeowners arerightlyconcerned about the usage ofvinyl flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile isanaturalproduct that does not contain anytoxic in its components.Old ceramic tile causes nopollutant when it makesits wayinto the waste bins.

Best for the Environment: Ceramic Tile

Since it does not containchemicals, ceramic tileisa better choicein terms of environmentalissues.


Bothceramic tile and vinylare available in an arrayofshapes and sizes,though ceramic tile ismore options.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tilesare typicallyrectangular in size, rangingwith sizes of 9-18incheswide.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles made of squares typically beginaround 3 inches wide with a maximum of18 inches, but theyare also availableintiny mosaic tilesthat are attachedto meshbacking in geometric shapesand in rectangular forms.

The best size for ceramictile

Ceramic tilehas more shapeas well as size choices thandoesvinyltile.

Resale Value

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring isusually recognizedasan economy flooring,however, this is not always the caseof modernluxury vinyl tiles , or planks.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic or porcelain floor tilesare usuallyconsidered as highly desirable flooring materialsby real estateagents andpotential homebuyers, particularly whenthe floor uses designerporcelain tiles.

Best for Resale Value: Ceramic Tile

Awell-maintained tile floorwill always bring more prestigeand has a better real estate valuethanvinyl tile flooring.

Comfort and Sound

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile floors, becausethey are incredibly durable they are more comfortableand quietthan rock-hardceramic tile. Inthekitchen,a china platedroppedon vinyl might survive as shattering can be apossibility if it falls onceramic tile.Vinyl flooring isvery durable as a flooring material, especially when installed overan existing concrete subfloor.

Ceramic Tile

In addition to being veryrobust, ceramic tilealsoa notoriously cold flooring material–unlessit’s installed ona radiant floorheating system. This willtransform it into a delightfullycomfortableflooring.

Best for Comfort and Sound: Vinyl Tile

The flooring options arehard , but vinyltileis a bit more durable thanceramic tile due to it beingsomewhat softer.

The Verdict

Themain advantages tovinyl tileisits affordability andsimpleinstallation.On other aspectsofflooringceramic tileis a betterflooringsurfacewith a higherappearance, durability,and more resale value.

Bathroom Finishes

Tiling a bathroom or Toilet Overlay  can have the biggest effecton the outcome of youbathroom.You can pick differentcolors or matchyour tiles to the wallsfor a consistent appearance.Instead, usebathroom accessories to add colortothe room.

For bathrooms that are smaller, it makes sensetouse thesimilar colour to make yourspace appear largervisually.Select brightly-colored finishes thatgive the impression of a larger space.

Select flooring that is well-aged as flooring tilessee a lotoftraffic and consistentdampness.

Shower area wall tiles

A classic feature wall with wood grain

Tiles for subway walls horizontal

Larger vs Smaller Tiles

The choice of bigger floor tiles makesthesurface appear bigger.Additionally, there are lessgrout lineswhere dirt couldbecome stuck, as comparedtomosaic tiles that are tiny.

Smaller tiles, oncontrary, focus the eyesandbrings out the detailswhich makes the space feellively and warm.The smaller tiles are alsocommonly used in shower areassince they are less likelyto slip.

Overlaying Tiles

Ifyou have an existingtiled bathroom the option of overlaying tiles overthe tiles that are already in place on floorsand walls can be done.Overlaying can savearound 30% in comparisonhacking, that bringstheinconvenienceofnoise and dust.

However, one shouldlook over and make surethat alldoors and fixturesrequire at least 10-15mmallowance for an increase infloor height.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

Ifyou happen to haveelderly family members at home,choosing floor tiles that are anti-slipisa wise choice.The prevention of slips in the bathroom canis especially importantfor older people who tend tofall over or lose their balance since the floor willbe slippery and wet followingtaking a shower. There aremany tiles for floorsfeaturing anti-slip characteristics that are availablein a variety of styles that do nothinder the aestheticsof thespace.

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