Whatever place you’re in your relationshipit’s hard to tell someone what you’re feeling , especially if you feel horny. Even though technology has made it much easier for two individuals to communicate however, it can be awkward If it’s not something you’re accustomed to. It takes some effort and a lot of communication to have sexual relations. Since we’re suffering from a pandemic that is affecting couples, they are now in and people who are confronted with a different challenge (like, do you even have physical dates with each other?). If sexting is a thing you’re considering, how do you start?

What are the steps to begin Sexting?

The simple answer? Consent. It is crucial that the person on the receiving the sext message is willing to communicate with you. Communication is vital. Society has programmed us to believe that when someone sends you a surprise nude image of herself, the person who sent it are supposed to be happy (and that dick picks without a request are the only enemy), but consent is a two-way street.

Also, a warning could help both of you avoid an awkward situation. What is the outcome if you send someone a rude text while they’re showing their LOLaa phone video ‘di ban? This would place the recipient in a difficult situation and you wouldn’t allow them to know what you’ve just sent. If you’ve never had any conversation about sexting before then bring it up as you’re already enjoying the moment. When you’ve established your terms the next step is to give them a ~heads-up~ by using a semi-safe phrase like “Bored ako. What would you do for me should we ever be in a relationship?

Are you confused about how to proceed? Here are some other options to explore Sexting:

  1. Think physical. The whole reason you two are sexting this moment is that you can’t be physically together , and you’re trying to recreate the feeling. You could say something like “I feel a little cold in the present.” I’d like you to be there to warm me up.” or “Remember when we got frisky on the last day of movie at natin?” “I am eager for it to happen again.”

  2. Chat about your dreams. It’s really as simple as asking them to tell you what their most secret sexual desire is. It’s also a way to inform your partner that they are free to allow their imagination to run wild and you’re open to exploring each other’s kinks.

  3. Rely on pop-culture. If you are actually mahiyain but can’t help but speak your mind then this is the right choice for you. You can refer back to the scene in a film or television show. You’re almost certain to have at least one scene in memory. It could be, “Does anyone remember the one episode from …?”?” Do you want to go back and watch it? LOL You’ll be able to discern where you’re taking this.

  4. You can request a photo. Send me a image of you now. Since you’ve already agreed and are both in a rush with the need to “see” the person right away could be a major draw for. The problem is: If you haven’t ever sent or snapped a sexy picture What can you do to create a perfect picture?

How do you take a photo of a thirsty trap?

If–and only if–you’re comfortable snap an intimate photo and then sending it to someone else, it all boils down to the lighting and angle. I don’t know about yours, but I usually don’t like getting photos with a sexy dick taking up three-fourths of the frame. call that an unrealized opportunity. You’re probably aware of your angles by nowBased on the goals you have you’ll have two options: you can use the natural light that is reliable or you can use shadows to impress your partner.

An important reminder:

Technology isn’t perfect, however it has its drawbacks. A lot of people lose their phones or get their accounts hacked. Many people have had their phones stolen and accounts hackedSome of these perpetrators were friends with whom they trusted. Think about these scenarios when you talk to your spouse about the sexting boundaries you’d like to establish. These issues could impact the kind of photos you’re comfortable sharing and taking. It’s all about coming together to make an informed decision.

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