Theescalating number of e-commercetransactionsduring the lockdown hasresulted inthe Philippines growth in the logistics industryeven afterthe pandemic.J&T Express, a newplayer inlogistics,is planningtojoin the industryandrivalJRS Express and LBC Express.

Although it was justlaunched in2018 in the Philippines,J&T Express hasgarneredan enormous amount of attention fromtraditional media as well as socialmedia.J&T Express is also awell-known brand for onlinesellersandbuyers.If youregularly purchaseatShopee it is likely that you havereceivedsome of your packagesthrough this shipping service.

J&T Express can provide adelivery service foritems to customers as well aslovedones.This guide willhelp you understand j&t rates   and delivery proceduresand other information aboutthe logistics service provider.

What isJ&T Express?

J&T Express, an e-commerce express courierbusiness, operatesinIndonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It wasestablishedin2015.Servingmostly small and medium-sized businesses(SMEs)and online businesses ThisSoutheast Asian logistics provider gives online sellers theability todeliver packages with eitherJ&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

J&T Express: How J&T Express Works

As a logisticsfirm, J&T Express works justlike other courier serviceswithinthe Philippines.The variety of features that help to ensurereliable, safe,andprompt delivery is what makes itstand outfrom other delivery firms.

J&T Express Delivery Features

  • National coverageviamore than 400 J&T Express branches, warehouses and offices
  • 24/7 and365 days operation throughoutall seasons of theyear
  • Four-Service Platforms forShipping and TrackingPackages: J&T Express website and mobileapp Socialmedia [22 and24/7 customer servicehotline (02)891-1888
  • Security packagepackages can bemonitored by CCTV24 hours a day,
  • GPS tracking systemto monitordelivery trucks
  • System for tracking in real-time
  • VIP Platform (self-service platform thatlets online sellersmanage transactions, speed upJ&T Express delivery processes, andmore)
  • The ClaimsSystem providesthe opportunity to claim compensation forpackages thathave gone missingor damaged.

J&T Express Delivery Process

There are twoways to shipusingJ&T Express.You can either visitthe branch where you candrop off yourpackages orget them picked up fromyour home.

HowtoShipvia J&T ExpressBranch Stores

  1. Complete the drop-off formsviathe J&T Express Philippines Website [3] or throughthe mobileapp.
  2. Click on theBuybutton.
  3. Go tothe J&T Express branch nearest you.
  4. The barcodethat you received in yourthe drop-off reservation must be displayed.
  5. Hand the packages over to theemployees.
  6. Pay the shipping fee.

Howto BookJ&T Express Pickup Service

It is possible to bookyourpick-up onthe J&T Express website or mobileapp.J&T Express offers a free pickup service.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcharges based on thedistance between theorigin anddestination of thepackage as well asitsweight.You can calculatethecost of shippingyourparticular delivery by usingthe calculatoron theJ&T Express website. [5]

For packages of6kg or lessuse the tables below.

j&t shipping rates  from Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based ondistance between theplace of origin and thedestination of theparcel andtheweight.You can computethecost of shippingyourspecific delivery by usingthe calculatoravailable on theJ&T Express website. [55

Pricesof J&T Express Boxes

You canbuyJ&T boxes in a separate orderat any branch if youprefer toship parcels usingJ&T boxes. jnt rates  areaccording totheweight and sizeof the box.

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