MSVCP140.dll that functions asthe .exe file It is a shared applicationthat allows the launching andloading ofgames or other programsinC,C, C++ and C++/CLI programming languages.If you havemissing ordamagedMSVCP140.dll files,you’ll be unable tostart the game or applicationandyou may receivean error messagelike”The programcan’t startasMSVCP140.dll is missingfrom your computer.Try installing the program again tofix the issue” or “Thisapplication could not startdue toMSVCP140.dllcould not be found.Reinstalling the application could fixthis problem.”

MSVCP ***.dlldocumentsorMSVCR ***.dllFilesarecrucial components forgamesor other programs. MSVC isan abbreviationin the form ofMicrosoft Visual C++, whichis an integrated development environment(IDE) toolto createapplications.Furthermore,MSVCP140.dll ispart of theMicrosoft Visual Studio program.So when theMSVCP140.dll is missing, you can goand find solutions onMicrosoft’s site.Microsoft Site.We’ve come up withtop 2 methods for youtosolveyour msvcp140 dll missing error on your Windows 10, 8.1, 8,7,VistaorXP computer.

Top 2 MethodstoRepairMSVCP140.dllErrors Missingon Windows Computer

Generallyspeaking,MSVCP140.dll isrequired for a variety ofPC games, and ifthe file ismissing it is necessary todownload andsavethe MSVCP140.dll fileintoyourWindows system folder, or tothe installation folderof thegame, in order to fixerrors caused bymissing errors.Here’s a step-by-step guideabout how to install and download the.dll file. Ifyou are not thatskilled inWindowsinner working it is suggested that youfollow the automated methodsinMethod 2.

Method1. ManuallyDownload and InstallMSVCP140.dll File

There area variety of websitesfor MSVCP140.dllfile downloads and youare able to searchthen downloadyour.dll file fromthese websites such asDLLfiles.But it is necessarytobe aware that you shouldbe wary of websiteswhich may provide unsafe downloadsthat contain viruses or malwarethat will damageyourcomputer or PC games.

Afterdownloading You must alsobecautious withwhat you install on the.dll file installation process:

Step1.Find out the system type of your PCby useWindows shortcut keysWin +PauseBreak.You could get either32-bit OS and x86-based processorsor 64-bit OSwith x64-basedprocessor.This is something that requires attention.

Step2. Check your .dll downloads. If the computer system type is the 32-bit one, then you should copy the copy the MSVCR120.dll file for 32-bit to the folder C:\Windows\system32 (some may be C:\WINDOWS\system32).

Ifyou are using a 64-bitcomputer, copy and pasteyourMSVCP140.dll (64-Bit)intothefolder C:/Windows/System32.after that copyMSVCP140.dll (32-Bit)ontotheC:/Windows/SYSWOW64 directory.Make sure the right.dllcopy is placed inthecorrectfolder.

Step3.UseWin + Rfor launchRun.Type regsvr32msvcp140.dllandthen pressEnter torun the program.Also, you can doa restart of the computerto allow it to take effect.

Pay more attentionto the stepsto follow whenyou use this methodor youmay encounteradditionalWindowsproblems, such as100% diskutilization perpetual reboot, ghost touch screen,etc.

Method2.Install theMSVCP140.dll via DLLFile.NET

It isn’t always easyto download therightMSVCP140.dlldata files to yourWindows or Mac, you might preferan effective solution. DLL FILE, which is aprofessionalgame componentanddriverupdates and downloadutility that can resolve the msvcp140DLLmissing errorin oneclick. Itoffers a listessential.dll filesthat are compatible withyoursystem , as well as solutions forsolvingthismissing error.You can easilydownload and installMSVCP140.dll files inmere seconds.

You can get this via the button above and download the MSVCP140.dll files as well as other MSCVR***.dll/MSVCP***.dll files instantly with the steps below:

Step1.Click Search andEnter the Driver Name You’d LikeLike mscvp140.

Step2.Select theMSVCP140.dll and clickon downloadbutton

Step3. Paste Downloaded Driver on its directory toresolveit. This will fix themissing MSVCP140.dll fileissue.Reboot to ensure thatchanges to the file take effect.

Take note that if you haveissues such asGamesthat are not playing, Games not showing in full screen, orthere is noiseduring games,visitPC Repair.PC Repair option for solutions.

This is it.We hope this article will assistyou fixthis.dllerror.missing errorafter installingthe correctMSVCP140.dll files. If you haveany concernsabout how to fixyourMSVCP140.dll missing error, pleasemake sure to ask themin the commentsbelow oron theLEFT MENU located on this page.

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