Hemp Botanics, located in London’s Notting Hill on Portobello Road at the beginning August, was the first store to offer what it called “100% legal” CBD-rich, non-psychoactive cannabis buds. The company was able to sell a lot of its cultivars in the next week, this journalist was the first to buy the CBD Buds.

Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde produces the hemp buds used in Hemp Botanics. The company has a private cannabis club in Barcelona and its hemp growing operations are in Switzerland. The year before the demand for high CBD and low-THC products was growing rapidly.

Indoor-grown buds that have the appearance, smell, and taste similar to the real thing’ are available in many different varieties, such as Bonnie’s Cookies and Purple Haze, and have up to 23 percent CBD. The company has not disclosed the THC levels, but it is believed that they’re less than 0.4%. You can also buy a 7% CBD hash.

The hemp flower you purchase in Europe is supposed to have less than 0.2 THC levels in order to be in accordance to UK laws, which puts the legality of these products in doubt. Hemp Botanics is yet to respond to inquiries regarding this matter. But, they claim on the website that the product is legally produced in Europe.

This is a First for the UK

These are the very first high-quality buy CBD flower Online hemp buds that will be available in the UK market. People who wanted to consume CBD-rich hemp could only depend on hemp produced for industrial use. This meant the hemp buds were very stringy and full of seeds. Hemp tea is readily available online, but only 3-4% of the CBD content is available.

Bonnie & Clyde has launched new products that are accessible in the UK CBD marketplace. Even though it’s only been available for a few weeks as of this article’s writing, the products already have 14 glowing testimonials from pleased customers the bubble gum cannabis oil.

The review of Hemp Botanic’s “Bonnie and Clyde- Cherry (13-15 15% CBD)”, a delighted customer named Ben writes “I’ve been exploring the ‘Bonnie & Clyde products on and off for quite some time for a while. This is my favorite! It’s delicious! Deffo one is for connoisseurs !”

The Real Deal

This journalist would agree. The perfect choice for smoking, vaping or pressing into rosin, Hemp Botanic’s Bonnie &Clyde CBD hemp buds are real. The CBD high level gives an immense relaxation effect to the body. In addition, the flavor and smell of the CBD hemp buds add authenticity and pleasure to the process.

If you are looking for CBD-rich hemp flower europe buds that have no psychoactive effects, I can’t suggest this product enough. Just be sure to get your order in prior to it selling out once more because, as word gets out about these buds, they are likely to be extremely popular, as is already the case in Switzerland

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