Some cleaning tasksare more important than othersin commercial offices. Forinstance, iffloors aren’t swept regularly andbathrooms aren’tkept the way they should be, your clients will notice. Otheritems such as cleaning the house, might bemore of a regularchore.So, let’sbreak down the tasksand cleaning frequency,to ensure your offices arewell-maintained and always lookthe best for your customers.

Daily Cleaning

Imaginewalking into a workplacewhere the bathrooms are dirty, floors are a mess and carpets look filthy.You’d probably be able to walk straight out.Well, asa commercial business owner that’s the casefor yourbusiness.There are a fewcleaning tasks performed daily includingvacuuming clean surfaces, dusting, cleaningmirrors,maintaining the bathroom cleaning out thegarbage, and cleaning/moppinggeneral areas. Ofit is true that the list may beshorter/longer, based uponhow bigyour Officecleaner,and the areas that yourcustomers access.It’s vitalthat you’re doing these thingsevery day to maintainthe cleanliness of your officearea, which is safe for visitorsas well as employees.

Weekly Cleaning

In relation tothecleaning checklist for the week, some items shouldbecarried out at least one timeper week in order to ensure thatoffices maintain the cleanest appearancepossible.The washing of windows as well as squeegeeing and surfaces for deep cleaning,and buffing hardwoodsareall tasks your businessmight want to hire a professionalcompany to perform weekly,instead of daily.

Monthly Cleaning

Some areas of your home cleaner area aren’t directly visible, thereforeyour customers don’t seethese areas.Air vents/ductsceilings, and dusting belowsurfaces are all tasks that couldbecompleted less often.It is true that regularlycleaning and vacuuming can helpin keeping these tasks going so thatthey can be done lessfrequently, without it havingdetrimental effects onthe cleanliness and appearance of your office.

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